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Your Real Estate Agency in Cape Verde.

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The Real Estate Agency that enhances your real estate and property investments.

BeSpace Group is a company born in Switzerland, in Lugano – Paradiso, which started its activity focusing in the Swiss Canton of Ticino.

Subsequently, it has expanded its corporate ‘vision’ by dedicating itself to the development and promotion of projects at international level, including Cape Verde, a perfect destination for beach holidays, but also a stable country with an open market, a place with favourable economic and environmental conditions for profitable real estate investment, favoured by a continuous increase in sustainable tourism.

Thanks to important local partnerships, BeSpace Group aims to advise clients and investors and offers all-round real estate consulting. It employs professional architects and interior designers to devise innovative and customised strategies in order to make each property interesting and attractive on the market.

Buying a flat or villa on this wonderful island can be a good way to invest your savings and become a good earner over time, thanks also to the progressive development of the country, which consequently increases the value of real estate.

Our Team

Discover our team of professionals.

Marcello Gatto Monticone

COO e Co-Founder

Angelo Gurrado

CEO e Co-Founder

Diego Porzio

CSO e Co-Founder

Gio Gozzi

Co-Founder e Architect

Fabrizio Giordanengo

Location Manager

Aneta Lelli

Real Estate Agent

Luigi Milanese

Back Office Manager

Federica Liso

Event Manager

Francesco Pizzicara

Web Manager